Solar Thermal

Solar thermal systems use energy from the sun to warm water for storage in a hot water cylinder or thermal store. Because the amount of available solar energy varies throughout the year, a solar water heating system won’t provide 100% of your hot water; a conventional boiler or immersion heater is normally used to make up the difference, but this is still more cost-effective than relying on a boiler or heater alone. Cool & Easy Renewables are currently the ONLY registered company providing and installing solar thermal energy in Dumfries!

Solar Thermal Installation in Dumfries & Carlisle

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Scottish Government Loans for SMEs

Small to medium enterprises, non-profit organisations and charities are eligible to apply for a loan of £100k towards Solar Thermal and other energy-efficient systems for their business, as well as grants of up to £30k. Find out more here or visit Home Energy Scotland for their funding calculator tool.

How do solar hot water heating systems work?

Solar water heating systems use panels or tubes, called solar collectors, to gather solar energy. These solar thermal panels and tubes convert the infra-red portion of visible light into heat. They are filled with a mix of water and glycol. This fluid is pumped round a circuit, which passes through the hot water cylinder.

There are two types of solar powered heater collectors:

  • Evacuated tubes – a bank of glass tubes mounted on the roof tiles.
  • Flat plate collectors – fixed on the roof tiles or integrated into the roof.

According to Energy Saving Trust*, solar heating should provide 90% of your hot water requirements in the summer and still an entire quarter of all of your water heating in the winter.

What are the benefits of a solar heater for your home?

Solar panels have become increasingly popular in the last few years as the price has come down due to efficiencies in production, and there is plenty opportunity to save money on your energy bills. Many households have benefited from this cost effective and environmentally friendly technology, which include:

  • Reduced energy bills. Once you’ve paid for the initial installation, your hot water costs will very likely reduce, as you are using free, non-polluting energy from the sun.
  • Available grants, loans and financial help dependent on applicant and location.
  • Add value to your home by making it more energy efficient for potential buyers.
  • The solar thermal energy system works all year round, although you’ll need to heat the water further during the winter months with an additional form of heating.
  • May lower carbon footprint. Solar hot water is a green, renewable heating system.

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