Our Services

At Cool & Easy Renewables we specialise in the supply, installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration systems. We work mainly with the commercial sector from our base in Dumfries and Galloway, serving Scotland and Northern England including Glasgow, Edinburgh and Carlisle.


Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the ambient air outside and use it to heat your home or workplace. They work even when the temperature is as low as -25°C. Contact our expert team to be given an air source heat pump cost for your home or office.


Solar PV

Embrace the benefits of Solar Panelling and look forward to decreased energy bills and a low carbon footprint. Our green energy Solar Panel units use sunlight to power your home’s electrical system, and this energy can even be stored for later use with a Solar Battery. Get in touch for a free consultation.


Solar Thermal

Solar thermal systems use energy from the sun to warm water for storage in a hot water cylinder or thermal store. Because the amount of available solar energy varies throughout the year, a solar water heating system won’t provide 100% of your hot water; a conventional boiler or immersion heater is normally used to make up the difference, but this is still more cost-effective than relying on a boiler or heater alone. Cool & Easy Renewables are currently the ONLY registered company providing and installing solar thermal energy in Dumfries!


Heat Recovery

Increase the fresh air in your house and improve efficiency! Modern houses are increasingly air tight as building standards improve and building regulations become stricter. This air tightness can mean that stale or humid air has nowhere to go from bathrooms or kitchens. The old solution was to add extract ventilation, replacing stale air with cold fresh air. But we have a new solution.


Underfloor Heating

The efficient and comfortable way to heat your home! Underfloor heating is a form of central heating but instead of hot water heating radiators, it passes through pipes in the floor to heat it. This turns the entire floor into a radiator to heat the rooms.