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Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the ambient air outside and use it to heat your home or workplace. They work even when the temperature is as low as -25°C. Contact our expert team to be given an air source heat pump cost for your home or office.

Heat Pump Installation in Dumfries & Carlisle

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Scottish Government Loans for SMEs

Small to medium enterprises, non-profit organisations and charities are eligible to apply for a loan of £100k towards Heat Pumps and other energy-efficient systems for their business, as well as grants of up to £30k. Find out more here or visit Home Energy Scotland for their funding calculator tool.

Different Types of Heat Pumps Available

The two main types of air source heat pumps are air-to-air heat pumps and air-to-water heat pumps. Air-to-air heat pumps use a blower to circulate warm air around your home or workplace in much the same way as an air conditioner. Air-to-water heat pumps use your existing wet central heating system and also provide domestic hot water. Energy efficient air-to-air and ASHP heat pumps are ideal heat pumps for homes which are not connected to the mains gas grid as they are remarkably cheaper than using oil, LPG, natural gas or traditional electricity to heat your home, and are much quicker to install than ground source heat pumps. Our specialist team offer both domestic heat pumps and commercial heat pumps, and will gladly advise you on heat pump costs with free quotes on a range of top-grade brands such as Nuaire, Toshiba, Vent-Axia, Mitsubishi and Daikin heat pumps.

How do Air Source Heat Pumps work?

Air source heat pumps use a fan to absorb heat from the outside air at low temperature into a fluid. A heat pump compressor then increases the temperature of the fluid and transfers the higher temperature into the heating system of the house or company building. Once the heat has been used, the cooler fluid circulates back to the unit outside to start the cycle again, providing consistent and efficient indoor heating for your home.

Cool & Easy Renewables Dumfries How Do Heat Pumps Work?

The fan and the compressor both use a small amount of electricity but this energy is magnified by the heat from the outside atmosphere. This is referred to as the coefficient of performance or COP of the heat pump. 

Will installing a low energy heat pump help save money on heating bills?

The short answer is yes. While the compressor and pumps need electricity to work, they use less than the quantity of heat they move from outside to inside. The amount of heat energy moved versus the amount of electrical energy used depends on the source temperature and the output temperature, so it varies constantly throughout the year as outside temperatures change.

You're probably wondering: are heat pumps worth it? As there is no guaranteed way how to keep warm without heating, air source heat pumps are a fantastic investment and will certainly keep your house warm in winter, but how this will affect your energy bill will depend on several factors, including:

What fuel you are replacing with geothermal heating and how much it costs.
Your electricity tariff.
Which type of heat pump you install and how efficient it is.
The design of your central heating system.
Your location and its average air or ground temperatures throughout the year.
For people using gas boilers (not LPG or oil boilers), heat pumps are likely to be slightly more expensive to run unless particular attention is paid to ensuring maximum efficiency of the heat pump in the heating system by using best practice radiator / underfloor heating design. However, as utility prices fluctuate even more over time, we expect that heat pump systems will become one of the cheapest ways to heat a house as well as the lowest carbon form of heating available.

For those on LPG or oil, annual variations in prices mean that it’s difficult to give an exact estimate of annual heating costs. For example, heating oil has typically fluctuated between 40-65 pence per litre over the last five-year period, but has skyrocketed in the past year. Unless you can buy oil or LPG at the very cheapest time of the year to cover your entire annual use or have found a Martin Lewis heating hack that works for your home, a heat pump boiler should save you money on running costs assuming a well-designed system is installed.

Find out more at https://energysavingtrust.org.uk/advice/in-depth-guide-to-heat-pumps/

As there are many factors involved in a heat pump installation, it is very hard to predict the average cost of getting a heat pump installed without more detail about your property and current set up. Get in touch with our highly experienced team for a free estimate.

Why choose Cool & Easy Renewables?

Cool & Easy Renewables will provide you with a bespoke service when choosing to install home heat pumps or commercial heating systems. Your personal project manager will be available 24/7 for advice and to answer any questions you may have, including your heat pump installation cost, the cheapest heaters to run in your home and how to make the most out of your central heating pump. Our friendly, dedicated and professional team of engineers are based in Dumfries and Galloway and will install your new heat pump system to the highest standard of workmanship and quality in minimal time to avoid any inconvenience. Cool & Easy Renewables install the newest and most efficient heat pump systems on the market and we have different options available to suit all homes, including top brands like Daikin, Mistubishi, Nuaire and Toshiba.

There is a wide range of support available to help you install or make money from renewable technologies.

Available grants, loans and financial schemes depend on where you live in the UK. For example, if you live in Scotland, you could get an interest-free loan up to £17,500 to install home renewables.

Heat pumps are a key part of the UK’s strategy to reduce carbon emissions from our homes, but the capital cost of fitting them is a key barrier for most households. To overcome this, governments across the UK offer a variety of financial incentives to help alleviate the financial burden of installing low and zero carbon heating systems.

Find out more about grants, loans and other schemes for renewable technologies, including geothermal heat pumps, where you live.


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