Great Britain's ECO4 Scheme | Free Heating Installations for Homeowners & Private Tenants

Energy prices have gone up another 5% this year... but you may be eligible for the ECO4 Scheme. Homeowners, private tenants and landlords maybe be able to receive heating upgrades, a heat pump, loft and wall insulation, smart thermal controls or solar panels, all fully funded by the ECO4 Scheme.

Friday, 19th January 2024

The government's Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) scheme aims to help tackle fuel poverty in Great Britain by offering FREE heating and insulation upgrades to homeowners, private tenants and landlords who meet specific requirements.

Unlike many other schemes, the ECO4 scheme has the added benefit of being available to tenants who are privately renting, with just their landlord's approval for work to go ahead. No hidden costs, no awkward conversations! Landlords can even benefit from a rise in their property value without paying a penny towards it.

With the ECO4 Scheme, energy companies have the final say in which efficiency projects they will support, how much funding they will receive and which Retrofit Coordinator and installers they would like to carry out the work. Only people who fit qualifying requirements (such as those on Universal Credit or living in properties with a low EPC score) will be eligible to apply for ECO4, but the scheme has been quite generous in its list of benefits or circumstances included.

Find out more about the ECO4 Scheme and see if you might qualify for FREE heating and insulation upgrades in your property.