Upgrading Electric Storage Heaters to an Air Source Heat Pump System

Cool & Easy Renewables were tasked to swap this customer’s energy-guzzling electric heaters over to a full wet radiator system, powered by an efficient Grant ASHP.

First appearing on the market in the 50s and gaining popularity in the early 60s, storage heaters were not uncommon to see in households and provided a simple, cheap method of heating the home. However, as energy prices soared over the following decades, the phenomenal amount of electricity used by these heaters quickly lead to expensive monthly bills. That’s why this customer opted to switch over to an efficient air source heat pump system for their home heating. 

The free full site survey our team completed in preparation for this project was:

  • Electric storage heater removal
  • Full heat loss calculation
  • Hot water designs calculations
  • Heat pump design calculations
  • Sound calculations 
  • System performance calculations

Our specialist team removed all electric storage heaters in this property to be replaced by a full wet radiator system and a reliable Grant air source heat pump, allowing the customer to experience the benefits of a green, future-proof home heating system and efficient, hot, sanitary water. This installation was even taken one step further with the ability to control and monitor their domestic heat pump via the handy Google Nest mobile app.

Following the completion of this project, the customer was able to save £100s on their running costs!

Interested in installing a home heat pump to save money on your energy bills? Get in touch with our experienced team today for a free estimate.



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