Advanced Renewable Solar & Heat Pump System Installed in Thornhill Dumfries & Galloway

An Air Source Heat Pump, Solar PV, Solar Inverter, Battery Storage and Heat Battery were all expertly installed into a domestic property, giving the homeowner and his family a lifetime of renewable electricity heating and hot water.

Renewable energy is all around us, easily harvested, more economical and far less damaging to the environment than common energy sources. This customer approached us with the intent of using these natural resources to generate both electricity, heating and hot water for his home.

A full site survey was carried out completely free of charge, which included:

  • Full heat loss calculation
  • Hot water design
  • Heat pump design
  • Electricity design
  • Solar PV design
  • Sound calculations
  • System performance calculations

On confirmation that the project was ready to begin, our highly skilled team of engineers were able to tailor a sophisticated system consisting of:

  • 12 x Longi 425W Solar Panels
  • Vaillant 5KW Air Source Heat Pump
  • Solax Inverter 3.7KW
  • 1 x 5.8KW Solax Battery Storage
  • Sunamp Phase Change Material Heat Battery

Longi 425W Solar Panels Solar PVSolax Inverter 3.7KW

The Solar PV system converts sunlight into usable electricity, which is then efficiently stored in the Solax battery. The battery serves as a reservoir, accumulating the energy produced by the solar panels for later use. Once the battery is full, the customer can use this energy choose to sell electricity back to the grid or charge the Sunamp phase change material. By doing so, the system stores the surplus energy as thermal energy, which can then be used to provide domestic hot water.

In addition to the Sunamp heat battery, the customer’s new Vaillant air source heat pump will provide heating through oversized radiators. The air source heat pump is powered via electricity from the grid or from the Solax battery when available.

To make this design even more integrated, the full system works from the customers phone, which provides key data such as total running costs, payback time and real-time generation details.

Vaillant 5KW Air Source Heat PumpSunamp Phase Change Material Heat Battery

Cool & Easy are happy that our customer and his family can now take advantage of efficient, renewable electricity, heating and hot water with the added benefits of the ability to monitor it all remotely.

“I’m very happy with the installation and performance of my heat pump, solar panel and battery system. The service provided by Stephen, Scott and Kenzie was excellent - they are very clearly passionate experts in their field and they all went above and beyond to make the installation as smooth and as un-invasive as possible, always cleaning up at the end of the day to make our house safe for our toddler. The system itself has surpassed my expectations. The ability to connect everything and monitor through Home Assistant is a big plus, allowing me to optimise my energy consumption effectively. I very highly recommend Cool & Easy!”

Are you interested in reducing your energy bills with a renewable electric and thermal system? Get in touch with our experience team today for a free quote.


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